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Dress Code


Proper tennis attire is to be worn on the tennis courts at all times. Collarless shirts are permitted. No logos, words, or markings larger than two inches in diameter on any clothing. Tank tops or generic cotton undershirts are not acceptable attire for men. Tennis shirts can be untucked when athletic attire is allowed. Walking shorts, basketball/lacrosse shorts, cut-offs, soccer style shorts, running shorts, golf shorts, any type of Lycra or spandex shorts, cross-training sneakers with heavy treads, running sneakers or flip-flops are not permitted.


Athletic attire is permitted. Exercise pants, fleeces, vests and turtlenecks are all appropriate. Sneakers must be worn on the courts at all times. Proper tennis attire is required on the paddle courts during the warmer months. The dress code applies to all guests and children

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