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RHCC’s dress code is intended to ensure a pleasant and dignified atmosphere in which to enjoy the facilities and services of RHCC. An integral part of this policy is the expectation that Members, their families and guests will always be neatly attired. Recognizing that a dress code cannot reasonably be expected to identify all forms of acceptable and unacceptable attire, RHCC’s dress code establishes minimum standards that apply to all RHCC facilities and activities.

Compliance with the dress code by family and guests is the responsibility of the Member. In addition, RHCC management and staff have been charged with monitoring compliance, both in fact and in spirit. In instances of differing opinions, Members will be expected to abide by management’s interpretation. Please help us avoid any inconvenience or embarrassment by strictly adhering to the letter and the spirit of the dress code.

Although athletic attire may be worn inside certain areas of the clubhouse, as a courtesy to other Members and to preserve the clubhouse furniture, members are strongly encouraged not wear athletic attire that may be damp from either rain or perspiration inside of the upper level of the clubhouse.

Venue     Before 6:00PM     After 6:00PM
Patio  Athletic & Casual  Athletic & Casual
Grill Room  Athletic & Casual  Casual
Bar / Tap Room  Athletic & Casual  Athletic & Casual
Ambler Room  ----------------  Smart Casual
Ambler Veranda  Athletic & Casual (No golf or tennis shoes allowed)  Smart Casual
Ballroom  ----------------  Event Specific
Snack Bar  Swim, Athletic, & Casual  Swim, Athletic, & Casual
Pool  Swim, Athletic & Casual  Swim, Athletic, & Casual

Dress Code Categories & Definitions



Proper golf attire is required on all days and at all times on the golf course, at the driving range and at the short-game practice areas (including the practice greens). The dress code applies to all guests and children. Athletic shoes (including sneakers) are required on the golf course, at the driving range and at the short-game practice areas (including the practice greens). Metal spikes are not permitted anywhere on the premises of RHCC. The Golf Committee has instructed the professional staff to strictly enforce the dress code and refuse an improperly attired golfer (Member or guest) the right to play or utilize the practice areas.

Men: Proper attire is a golf shirt and long pants or long (Bermuda length) shorts. Golf shirts may be with or without a collar and must be tucked in. Caps are to be worn brim forward. Cargo shorts, denim fabrics and tennis and swim attire are not permitted.

Women: Proper attire is a golf shirt with slacks, golf shorts and skirts, skorts and/or capris. Golf shirts may be with or without sleeves and with or without a collar, with the exception of "racer-back" golf shirts, which must have a collar. Caps are to be worn brim forward. Halter tops, tracksuits, cargo pants, tank tops, denim fabrics, tennis and swim attire are not permitted.


Proper tennis/paddle attire is to be worn on the courts at all times. Collarless shirts are permitted provided that they are “ racquets specific.” Tank tops and tee shirts are not acceptable attire for men. Racquets shirts must be tucked in when worn inside the clubhouse. Walking shorts, basketball/lacrosse shorts, cut-offs, soccer style shorts, running shorts, golf shorts, any type of Lycra or spandex shorts, t-shirts, cross-training sneakers with heavy treads, running sneakers or flip-flops are not permitted.

Swimming Pool Area

Bathing suits are restricted to the swimming pool area. Cover-ups are recommended for the snack bar area and are mandatory to exit/enter the locker rooms and enter/exit the clubhouse. Cover-ups are not permitted on the upper level of the clubhouse or on the patio. Children must change in the swimming pool changing rooms. Changing diapers outside of the swimming pool changing rooms is not permitted.

Smart Casual

Proper attire for men includes slacks and a collared shirt (tucked in) with or without a jacket. Proper attire for women excludes denim fabrics, athletic shoes and plastic/pool flip-flops. For certain events, a jacket and tie will be required. The “Smart Casual” dress code applies to children depending on the event and clubhouse room.


Men: Proper attire includes collared shirts tucked in, slacks, neat jeans* and golf-length shorts. Button-down shirts are allowed to be untucked. Loafers or dress leather sandals (no sneakers or plastic/pool flip-flops). Men are requested to remove their hats upon entering any interior room of the clubhouse other than the locker room and the pro-shop.

Women: Proper attire includes slacks, skirts, golf-length shorts, neat jeans* and shirts with or without a collar. Athletic shoes or plastic/pool flip-flops are not permitted.

No stains, holes or other markings on clothes. No logos, words, or markings larger than two inches in diameter on any clothing.

* Jeans can be black, white, khaki or dark blue in color. No faded or washed out colors. No holes, stains, letters or labels.

Event Specific

The dress code for RHCC events, theme and Member parties will be established and published in advance of the event.

Cell Phone Policy

  1. Cell phones may be turned on anywhere on RHCC’s premises, including within the clubhouse, but the ringer must be switched off (vibrate or silent mode).
  2. Cell phones may not be used in the following areas: all dining areas, including the patio and the snack bar area. Permitted exterior cell phone areas include the sofa area on the patio during non-dining hours and bench located near the start of the member walkway (parking lot to member entrance) the swimming pool area; Permitted cell phone areas in the pool area include the pool house locker rooms or in close proximity outside of locker rooms. the golf practice areas (including the driving range, the short-game practice areas, the putting greens and the adjacent areas) and the pathways leading to and from the clubhouse. Permitted cell phone area includes the golf operations building common hallway leading to the bathrooms.
  3. In areas where cell phones may not be used, the restriction includes use of cell phones to check voicemail messages.
  4. Cell phones are permitted in the following areas of the Clubhouse; Interior hallway area near member entrance and bathrooms, Main entrance breezeway, Locker rooms, Golf shop during play of a round, and Bag room.
  5. If the brief and occasional use of a cell phone becomes absolutely necessary on the golf course during play of a round, discrete use is allowed in the rough and on the cart paths, provided that such use does not affect the pace of play and does not disturb other golfers on the course.

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